physio at firefly

One of the great things about the Firefly team is that between them they have heaps of knowledge about a lot of different things. From toe walking and delayed milestones to complex physical and intellectual disability, from birth to adulthood they've got it covered. These ladies can also work with you to determine relevant supports and equipment such as orthotics, walkers and know how to get the paperwork done for funding applications.

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With a highly experienced speech pathology duo on staff, the Firefly speechies can support a range of requests from early intervention for babies and young children to managing complex Alternative and Augmentative Communication methods, technology and prescription for funding. They can also support people with mealtime challenges. These ladies are amazing.



The Firefly team understand the importance of working together for the best outcome for you and your family. This might mean a few of the Firefly team are working together with you or it might mean that the Firefly team work alongside you and your other providers. It is all about supporting you and your family to reach for the stars.



Small groups can encourage kids to try things that they might be worried about. They also provide an opportunity for children to meet others who are working towards the same goals and to just experience therapy in a different way. All the Firefly team love to run groups! Ask us about when our next group program is running!



Our many years of experience have given us lots of skills in many areas. We have listed them below! And if we think we aren't the best option for you, we will be up front about that too.